Basil Erebholo
Senior Pastor

By His Grace, Basil Erebholo is currently the Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Salvation Center in Peoria Illinois, Basil Erebholo is a Bible scholar, an inspirational teacher, and preacher with deep spiritual and biblical insight. He has served in diverse role in RCCG Salvation Center, Killeen, Texas before joining Salvation Center Peoria IL team.

He has a Bachelors degree in Architecture, a Master’s Degree in Information Systems and is a Certified SAP ERP Business Consultant. He is currently working as an Information Technology (IT) Analyst / Business Support in a reputable company in the United States.

Basil Erebholo is an intelligent and a dynamic man who is passionate about young Adult/Singles, and helping families and individuals fulfil their God original purpose and bringing men into their God given inheritance and destiny.  He also demonstrates strong leadership skills as a pastor and in the corporate world, also passionate about soul wining and bringing men into the kingdom of God. He is married to Adebimpe, and they are blessed with 2 children a boy Mimshach and a girl Tehillah.

Adebimpe Erebholo
Adebimpe Erebholo Fondly called Sis Bimpe is a co-pastor in RCCG Salvation Center Peoria and the Senior Pastor’s Treasure. She has a Bachelors in Accounting education and a Bachelors in Nursing with great experience from the intensive care to medical surgical units. She radiates the care, warmth and hospitality of her secular profession in the discharge of her spiritual duties.

In spite of her loaded schedule at her circular job and mother of two Children a boy and a girl, she devotes quality time to the propagation of the Kingdom’s work. She served as the worship leader and walked closely with children ministry in RCCGSC Killeen Texas.